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Many older recycling plants are simply not designed to meet the commodity market specifications in the wake of China’s Green Sword.  Some plants simply lack the equipment and technology to meet current market specs.  Some prior generation MRFs reduce conveyor belt speed significantly in an attempt to gain selectivity in sorting to meet today’s more rigid material specifications.  Slowing down the conveyors, however, means a loss in productivity which when coupled with reduced commodity values post the Green Sword, increases the processing cost per ton thus reducing profitability.

Envision Waste Services specializes in the design, construction, and operation of waste and recycling processing systems with over 2 decades of hands-on operational experience. 

So How Can Envision Help You in a Consulting Role?

While Envision is not a Consulting Engineering Firm, we are committed to our industry.  To that end, we offer practical advice that is designed to be a quick and to the point supplement to consulting engineering reports. 

We are practitioners in the waste and recycling industry with decades of experience and we maintain a close eye on current and future technology. 

MRF Design

MRF Design

Envision can help design and implement improvements to your MRF designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability. In our tenure of operation, we have learned techniques to increase efficiency, reduce maintenance and downtime, and improve product quality.  

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We understand modern technology available today as well as techniques to optimize material feed to specialized sorting equipment to assure the highest level of separation efficiency. Envision combines real world operational experience along with innovative technology to create solutions that work.

Litigation Support / Expert Witness

Sadly, some MRF’s do not perform as designed/specified and the parties find themselves in disagreement resulting in litigation as a means of resolution.  Envision can provide industry professional support and or expert witness testimony.  Envision can review the complaint, then make a first determination if we are in support of the client’s position. 


Assuming that to be true, Envision can provide Industry Professional support as required by the client’s legal team including written professional statements, oral or written testimony, serving as part of a resolution team, or serving as a professional witness. 

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