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According to the US EPA, in 2015 Americans produced 34.5 million tons of plastic waste yet recycled only 9.1% of that plastic.  So why is it that plastic does not enjoy a robust recovery level?  Part of that answer is that plastics are comprised of 7 distinct resin codes.  For all practical purposes, that’s like 7 completely different materials.  Resin codes #1 and #2 (PET and HDPE respectively) often used in beverage containers enjoy good marketability however the #3-7 plastics have not enjoyed as robust marketability, especially in the wake of China’s Green Sword. 

From a sorting perspective, certain plastics like films have caused mechanical problems such as wrapping on star screens or other sorting equipment often used in recycling sort plants (MRFS).  Without going into more details, it’s sufficient to say that due to a variety of factors, the universe of plastics in total have not enjoyed as robust a recovery rate as compared to other recyclable commodities such as paper or metals.

We Can Take your Mixed Plastics

Have your recycling program’s economics been hurt by China’s Green Sword? We can help!

Envision is interested in entering into long term offtake contracts to accept your #1 through #7 mixed plastic. 

Our specialized processing system can separate mixed plastics including film and other traditionally hard to recycle plastics.  Your community can enjoy an increased recycling and landfill diversion rate as Envision sorts and repurposes the plastics into materials of beneficial reuse.

Whether you represent a community looking to increase your plastic recycling or a plastics conversion company looking for plastic feedstock, call or email Envision Waste Services to learn more about how we can help recycle more and waste less!     

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