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The recovery of organic waste is a largely untapped resource in the U.S.

The US EPA’s 2015 Waste Study shows that over 34% of our garbage is organic waste yet only 8.9% of our organic waste is composted.  More importantly, the study shows that 15.1% of our garbage is food waste yet less than 1% is composted. Globally we throw out over 1.3 billion tons of food each year yet we have a shortage of organic matter in our soils.





Non-Organic MSW

Landfilled Organic Waste

Composted Organic Waste








Food Waste

Composted Food Waste

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Envision Waste Services recognizes that mixed organics composting represents a significant and untapped opportunity.  Mixed organics can be mechanically recovered and then composted cost-effectively to create materials of beneficial reuse, improve landfill diversion, and reduce our carbon footprint. 

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Envision Waste Services has nearly 2 decades of experience in mixed organic composting.  In fact, Envision remains as the only company ever to successfully permit and operate a mixed waste composting facility in the State of Ohio.  Envision has enjoyed a perfect regulatory compliance record having never received a single citation for it’s operation.  Through our experience, we have established benchmarks for optimizing windrow size, shape, temperature, moisture, efficiency, and material blend.  Our source separated compost products meet or exceed the Compost Council guidelines for quality.  Our Alternative Daily Landfill Cover (ADC) product has the ability to oxidize landfill methane up to 100% and has been tested and proven to be more effective in odor, moisture, and vector control than conventional soil covers.  Our ADC product has also been laboratory and field tested as vegetative cover – demonstrating growth rates in excess of 1400 times the growth rate of in-situ soils. 

In areas where land area is limited or annual precipitation is great, we utilize the GoreCover® system.  The GoreCover® system allows for in-vessel performance at near windrow operational costs.  Further, it can be operated completely off the grid with the use of a solar power module. 

Important Component in an Integrated Solid Waste Management System:

Envision Waste Services is a proponent of Integrated Solid Waste Management.  Envision’s mixed waste processing system is used to mechanically sort and remove mixed organics from residential and commercial waste quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.  The liberated organics can then delivered to an Envision mixed organics compost facility to be processed, screened, and recovered as material of beneficial reuse while simultaneously increasing the recycling rate and improving the environment.  Integrating mixed organics composting along with mixed waste processing eliminates the need for a separate residential organics collection route.  This allows a community to realize the benefits of increased landfill diversion and recycling without additional collection costs.  

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