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Envision Waste Services’ Mixed Waste Processing Facilities are an effective tool used to:

  • Increase the recovery of recyclables

  • Decrease recycling program costs

  • Improve the environment

Better Design Through Experience:

Envision Waste Services specializes in the design, construction, and operation of Mixed Waste Processing Facilities. What sets Envision Waste Services apart from other vendors is our unique experience.  We have over 21 years of continuous hands-on operational mixed waste processing experience.  This is more than any such firm in America!  Experience is the best teacher.  While our competitors are simply equipment fabricators and suppliers, our systems are uniquely designed to benefit from our decades of operational experience. Our designs are optimized to reduce maintenance and improve reliability, production, and safety.  We get it because we’ve done it! 

Market Spec Recyclables:  

Envision’s Mixed Waste Processing Facilities are designed to extract recyclable commodities meeting market specifications.  In fact, Envision has enjoyed a 100% perfect track record of success - never having a single load of recyclables rejected for quality in over two decades.  We design our systems to prioritize recyclable quality over quantity.  We use the best sorting equipment in the world in each category to enhance recyclable selectivity and improve reliability.  Further, our systems are designed to present the materials to each sorting device in the most optimized manner to achieve the best results.


Material Recovery

Envision’s mixed waste processing facilities are designed to process solid waste to separate materials for beneficial reuse.  We recover materials for their highest and best values including commodity value, organic value, and calorific value.  With our fully integrated system, an Envision Mixed Waste Processing Facility can divert up to 90% of residential and commercial waste into materials of beneficial reuse.   

For a quick idea of what Envision can do for you, please complete the questions in the Savings Calculators on this website.

Reducing Your Recycling Program Costs:

Envision’s mixed waste processing facilities accept unsorted solid waste.  Therefore we do not require a separate route or separate containers for comingled recyclables.  The savings achieved by eliminating this second pickup is dramatic.  Further, our high landfill diversion rate allows mixed waste processing to achieve a savings on disposal costs.  The combined savings is designed to allow our mixed waste processing facilities to achieve an increase in recycling and an overall programmatic cost savings.

Improving the Environment:

Envision’s mixed waste processing facilities reduce waste volume previously destined for the landfill.  This helps to improve the environment as our materials are captured for reuse rather than buried in a landfill where those same materials would otherwise contribute to the creation of landfill gas, leachate, and carbon emissions.  Since our mixed waste processing facilities do not require a second route for the collection of comingled recyclables, we reduce vehicle routing by 50%.  Thus, we reduce carbon emissions from diesel trucks to half.  Last, our ADC product produced from sorted organic waste is designed to oxidize landfill gas up to 100% for substantial greenhouse gas emission reduction.  


At Envision, we place safety first.  Our systems are designed for fully automated operation. The principal is very simple. Eliminating hand sorting reduces sorting injuries by 100%!  Our wireless control technology is intelligent, yet it also allows for manual safety stop devices to be located anywhere.

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